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Being an Astros fan

October 28, 2019

After the first two games of the World Series, the Astros were down two games. It was ugly. It was discouraging. Unfortunately some “fans” starting giving up and saying the team “sucked.” That is ridiculous. Spectators and die hard fans alike can not just love the Astros when they are boasting a winning streak. Fans have to be true in bad and good times.

The Astros rise to the World Series was awesome. Beating the Yankees was just the last step of an amazing trip. The true fans knew this was the year to #bringitback. There were no shortage of Astros fans walking the halls and wearing blue and orange. It was easy to talk about Altuve, Bregman, Cole and Verlander like long-lost friends as the Astros were winning. 

True, the World Series started and it was ugly. The second game of the World Series was tough. The team could not hit and the Nationals took a two-game lead. The true fans should not have lost hope. They knew they could not only be a fan of the Astros because of their winning streak. The real fans know they must stick it out even at their team’s worst.

Now the Astros are back. The last three games have been fun to watch. As the games come back to Houston, the championship is so very close. Everyone is a fan again as the team prepares for one more win.  If once again these “fans” are choosing to cheer for the Astros, then they need to be dedicated to the team and show them that they have your support. They can’t be the one who leaves when they lose and says rude and disrespectful words. If the Astros end up losing, support them. They need it most at times like that. They deserve respect for getting to the WORLD SERIES. Most teams are just watching.

So as the Astros play this week, know they could bring the championship back to Houston or they could fall to the Nationals. The true fan is the one who doesn’t stop being a fan because of a few losing games or a losing season. Be a true fan.

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