PHOTO STORY: New training room

Sports medicine opens state-of-the-art facilities to treat athletes

BIGGER AND BETTER. The brand new training room is up and running in full force and aiding to athletes every need all day long, from 6:30 in the morning till long after the dismissal bell. “With this new training room we now have the time and space to evaluate injures and make reports for the students,” AT Scott McClatchy said. “Last year we were overwhelmed and limited on space, but now we have more than enough space with two other trained professionals. We also have increased bed space and three new ice tubs so now we can take care of both male and females sports properly.”

NEW AND IMPROVED. Jordan Terrell, the newest addition to the sports medicine crew, works with the high school out of Houston Methodist- The Woodlands. She has already been a major help, especially with the volleyball girls, to the athletic department. “Last year a lot of the sports got neglected,” Terrell said. “I’m glad im here to give the kids the attention and help they need so they can keep on playing.”

SPACE AND SUPPLIES.  The new training room is at least ten times bigger than the last, with all the latest equipment and supplies at their fingertips. With all the additional space they have more than enough room to take care  of students day in and day out. “It’s such a blessing that this new facility was approved for the athletes so that we can take care of them the right way,” AT Scott McClatchy said. “We’re very thankful for it, and one of the great parts of these new beds is that they’re the perfect height for us to wrap ankles and work with the kids. They also have draws so we can keep the tape right their on hand.”

QUICK AND CLEAN. Sophomore Hailee Workman is in sixth period training class, she took this class so she could meet new people and be able to grow and learn about sports medicine. “I took this class because i wanna help people,” Workman said. “I help out by wiping down beds and I’ve learned to be quick and prepared when working with the athletes.”

photos and captions by Summer Rains