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THE PRICE OF PERFECT. Black Swan shows the mental cost of perfection.

Black Swan 2010 (R)


“I was perfect” 

The 2010 film Black Swan, directed by Darron Aronofsky, is an American physiological horror film that digs deep into the dangers of obsession and being a professional dancer. Black Swan exposes the breaking point of the human psyche and cuts deep into the mind of a tortured soul. 

Black Swan tells the story of a young ballerina named Nina, played by the talented and beautiful actress Natalie Portman. Nina struggles with being the top ballerina, trying her hardest to be casted as the white/black swan in her ballet. With Nina’s psychological health deteriorating and her trying to perfect the enigma of her character, She faces many soul breaking challenges. 

This movie shows the perfect balance of suspense and mystique. The director really brought the actual tragedy of the ballet “Swan Lake” to life; giving us an unexpected but anticipated ending. 

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