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COME ON BARBIE. Breaking records for director Greta Gerwig and Warner Brothers, Barbie is the highest grossing film of 2023.

‘Barbie’ movie breaks barriers

by Heather Carroll Sep 8, 2023

The small girl dresses her doll for the fifth time that day. Astronaut. Teacher. Dentist. Gymnast. Chef. The career options are endless. A great role model for the girl playing make believe with her friends. Barbie...

SUCKS TO BE HIM. The newest vampire movie to hit the theaters features Nicholas Cage as Dracula and Nicholas Hoult as his familiar.

Renfield: When life sucks, start living, stop serving

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Apr 26, 2023

 Renfield 2023 (R) “Some call me the dark one; others, the lord of death, but most know me as Count Dracula!” The vampire says as he rises into the air while the whole room watches in horror. Renfield...

ENDLESS FLAVORS. Offering flavors and toppings of many kinds, Kekes Snow Balls showcases their work at their new location on FM-1097 West. Photo courtesy of Yelp.

New shaved ice shop offers new place to cool off, ‘New Orleans’ style

by Blaine Eckert, VOW staff Apr 18, 2023

Sno-cones. Everybody enjoys the cold flavored ice on a long hot summer day. Most people think that the only place to get one is off of Highway 75 across from the bank, well not anymore. Keke’s...

DREAMS COME TRUE.  In the fall, UT will offer a class focusing on Taylor Swifts lyrics as literature.

UT Austin’s wildest dreams of becoming a Swiftie come true

by Alyssa Beaulac, VOW staff Apr 13, 2023

There have been many great writers in our day, from Shakespeare to Robert Frost, Jane Austen to Nathaniel Hawthorne. Joining this list of accomplished intelects is one of the most acclaimed artists of...


Lana Del Rey changes the music industry once again

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Mar 29, 2023

When one searches the internet to find an artist that has something new and different to offer, one might find peace in Lana Del Rey. Del Rey can sway any audience with her whispy-voiced melodies and relatable...

THEY KILLED KENNY. The characters of South Park seem to still be socially relevant while tickling the funny bones of generations.

‘South Park’ still funny, relevant after 26 years

by John Gaspard Mar 28, 2023

Comedy Central mega-hit “South Park” has been all over the internet lately in what appears to be a resurgence in popularity for the 26-year-old show. Now, that is no doubt in part due to the 500 million...

GHOSTFACE IS BACK. The newest installment of Scream takes the murderous action to New York.

Scream IV: New York, new rules

by Brody McNew, VOW staff Mar 28, 2023

Scream IV 2023 (R) “There's a darkness inside of me. It followed me here. And it's going to keep coming for us.” Samantha says bleakly, realizing that she can't escape her past forever. Scream...

CALIFORNIA DREAMING. The addition of In-N-Out to the local fast food options brings a bit of the Golden State to the area.

In-N-Out adds quality, value to area fast food options

by Emma Lowe, VOW staff Mar 11, 2023

The burgers cook perfectly on the hot grill. A piece of cheese added onto the patty along with the most wonderful sauce, adding the perfect amount of flavor. The fries are freshly cut and cooked. Recently,...

SET YOUR SPIRIT FREE. A family moves in a new house and find more than they anticipated in Netflixs We Have a Ghost.

Fame proves spookier than phantoms in Netflix’s We Have a Ghost

by Juan Meza Chavez Mar 11, 2023

"We have A Ghost" is not your typical horror film that gives you nightmares, instead the director, Christopher Landon gave the audience a funnier take on the movie. Kevin, played by well known Anthony...

REVOLUTION. Based on a true story of faith and healing, Jesus Revolution tells the tale of a group of people looking for answers and finding their faith.

Igniting another ‘Jesus Revolution’ awakening beyond big screens

by Hannah Hartman, VOW staff Mar 3, 2023

Jesus Revolution   PG-13  “There is an entire generation searching for God.” - Lonnie Frisbee Based on the remarkable true story of one of the greatest spiritual awakenings in American history....

BLACK BEAR WHITE POWDER. Cocaine Bear follows a unique cast trying to survive a bears coked-up rampage.

Cocaine Bear ODs on its own violent rush

by Jason Clark, VOW staff Feb 28, 2023

Oftentimes, the title of a movie serves to convey themes the piece of cinema hopes to explore in a way that makes the watcher really think about the nature of the human experience. Then there’s "Cocaine...

SAY HOLA TO HIS LITTLE FRIENDS. In the new movie featuring the beloved character, Puss In Boots: The Last Wish tells a story of adventure, friendship and fate.

Puss In Boots claws his way back to top

by Alyssa Beaulac, VOW staff Feb 24, 2023

Everyone knows the original 2011 movie Puss in Boots, which tells the tale of the infamous warrior cat who looks death in the face and laughs. Well, on December 21, 2022, after 11 years Puss in Boots:...

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