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STRONG. As the world remembers Betty White, she must be remembers for all she did beyond comedy.

Remembering Betty White

by Emma Lowe, VOW staff January 18, 2022

Not only was she a celebrity, she was an influencer before that was even a thing. She was someone that set an example for young and old alike, unknowingly changing the views on life to those around her.  Betty...

MERRY EVERYTHING. There are lots of winter celebrations other than Christmas. They deserve to be talked about, taught, accepted and enjoyed.

Christmas not only holiday celebrated this time of year

by Timothy Gunn, VOW staff December 14, 2021

As Christmas inches closer and closer, many people are finding ways to get into the holiday spirit. While Christmas is probably the most popular holiday around this time of year, it’s important to remember...

HAPPY NEW YEAR. A new law starting January 2022 will add more restrictions to chaining dogs outside.

New law provides protection for canine companions

by Jason Clark, VOW Sports editor December 13, 2021

The dog pants in the heat of the summer, hoping its owner will return before sundown. His water has run out, his paws burn from the hot ground and with no shelter to turn to, he has no choice but to sit...

LUTTRELL FOR CONGRESS. At the Magnolia Christmas Parade, junior Blaine Eckert, freshman Lawson McCaskill and senior Brenan Mansker volunteer for the Morgan Luttrell campaign. Luttrell, a Willis alumni, is running for U.S. Congress.

Students should engage in politics

by Brenan Mansker, VOW Multimedia editor December 10, 2021

Keep Texas red. Turn Texas blue. Register to vote today. Students growing up in a democratic society are exposed to politics from a very young age. Congressional elections occur every other year and...

TOO SOON. People should not start setting up for Christmas too early before Christmas Day because it builds tension and expectations begin to fade.

Don’t rush Christmas spirit

by Rosalyn Gutierrez, VOW staff December 7, 2021

In the final months of the year, people begin to gear up for the many holidays that are to come. Halloween is in October. Thanksgiving is in November. Lastly, Christmas is in December. People gather their...

SEASON OF STRESS. December adds even more to the plates of students. Staff member Emma Lowe gives some hints to destress for the holiday season.

‘Tis the season to be stressed

by Emma Lowe, VOW staff December 1, 2021

Stacks of schoolwork. Insane schedules everyday. Long hours at work. Finding the time and money to buy the perfect gifts. Final exams adding to the already existing insanity that is life. The feeling of...

ITS TURKEY TIME. With Christmas lights and music already taking over, writer Hannah Hartman feels like it is time to remember Thanksgiving.

OPINION: Thanksgiving traditions important enough to celebrate

by Hannah Hartman, VOW Features editor November 18, 2021

Moving from costumes and trick-or-treating to the next holiday on the list. Jingles all over the radio, trees being set up and decorated, and houses getting covered in bright beaming lights to celebrate...

THE CONCERT FROM HELL. What was supposed to be a night of fun memories turned into a night of tragedies at the Astroworld Musical Festival featuring the music of Houston native Travis Scott.

OPINION: ‘Night in Utopia’ turns into night from hell for Astroworld Festival attendees

by Janice Talley, VOW Around Campus editor November 18, 2021

Astroworld 2021 was expected to be the best event of the year. Fans of Travis Scott, and other performers including 21 Savage, Lil Baby, SZA, Bad Bunny, Chief Keef, and Young Thug, paid $350 for a general...

NAME GAME. Each student deserves the Wildkat title. It is time to drop the Lady from female team names.

OPINION: Every student deserves Wildkat title

by Janice Talley, VOW Around Campus editor November 8, 2021

Out-of-breath lungs, ripped vocal cords and linked pinkies. The student section sings the school song after a football game and ends with “Wildkats never die.”  But, the title of “Wildkats” is...

CRUNCH TIME. Academy is taken away due to irresponsible students, but at the same time restrict others from reaching their full academic potential.

Discontinued academy restricts students from reaching full academic potential

by Rosalyn Gutierrez, VOW staff November 5, 2021

She misses a week of school while the piles of missed tests and work that await threaten to overwhelm her, but a hero lies in wait to rescue her from drowning in schoolwork. Her hope for sleep-filled nights...

LETS GO. Should the new fad of chanting Lets go Brandon be protected by freedom of speech?

OPINION: ‘Let’s go Brandon’ creates controversy across nation

by Hannah Hartman , VOW Features editor November 4, 2021

Their voices are shut out by the media.  Their freedoms are being stripped away every day.  Their ideas are placed on hold and canceled the next moment.  Many aspects in the conservatives world...

TEXAS RENFEST. School Days a RenFest tradition, is cancelled for this season.

Ren Fest slams school days

by Heather Jackson, VOW photography manager October 28, 2021

Students from various groups and organizations across the board get ready for an anything-but-normal school day. While school is where they are headed, they will end up in a world long forgotten before...

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