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The Student News Site of Willis High School

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Due to End. Red Lobster and Chilis set to close throughout the year.

Well-known affordable restaurants file for bankruptcy: Red Lobster, Chili’s

by Kaitlin Burns May 18, 2024

Early into the new year, Chili’s and Reb Lobster announced that they would be filing for bankruptcy and as a result shutting down locations, Chili’s stated almost all if not all would be indefinitely...

FINALS SEASON. Tips on how to get through the stress of finals. It is crucial that students take care of their mental health to be at their best.

Schools encourage students during finals with stress-free activities on campus

by Isabella Melin May 2, 2024

With Lonestar finals being next week for DC kids, AP tests coming up in the next two weeks, and all other finals right around the corner, finals season is in full swing.. With that, the stress that characterizes...

Cicada-geddon hits Texas with combined broods, zombie fungus

Cicada-geddon hits Texas with combined broods, zombie fungus

by Ava Hardin, VOW staff Apr 29, 2024

Spring is in the air. April showers are bringing out wildflowers across the states, and this year, thousands of cicadas are emerging from their incubating space underground. Spring of 1803 was the last...

Protect the Planet.

Earth Day: A Reminder to Protect Planet

Apr 13, 2024

Every year, on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. It's a day to reflect on the beauty and fragility of our planet and to recommit ourselves to protecting it. Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges....

Say no to disrespect. Graphic representing the uniting of women across the world against mistreatment from men.

4B Movement: No to men till respect for women

by Kaitlin Burns Apr 13, 2024

Korea’s birth rate has steadily dropped, causing concerns about what will happen if more children aren’t born in the coming years. Many women of the nation have said part of why is the lack of support...

FDA APPROVED BIRTH CONTROL. Opill is the first over the counter birth control pill approved by the FDA. It will soon be available at local drugstores across America.

FDA approves first OTC birth control Opill

by Isabella Melin Apr 13, 2024

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) just approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill by Perrigo called the Opill. It will soon be available in drug stores across America and other pharmacies,...

SELF CARE ISNT SELFISH. April 5 is Self Care Day. Take time to spoil yourself.

National Self Care Day

by Kelsie Wyland Apr 5, 2024

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to neglect our own well-being. We often put the needs of others before our own, and we can end up feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. That's why National...

TikTok ban could be reality

TikTok ban could be reality

by Samuel Favela, VOW staff Mar 29, 2024

After a house vote of 352-65, ruling in favor of banning TikTok, Congress seems to be pushing for the ban Even the president has stated that if the bill gets passed by the Senate, he will sign the vote,...

HAPPY EASTER. Whether its attending church services, participating in community events or simply spending time with loved ones, Easter is a time to celebrate and appreciate the traditions that bring us together.

Easter full of significance, traditions

Mar 29, 2024

Easter is a time of joy and celebration for many people around the world. It's a holiday that holds deep religious significance for Christians, as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But...

LEARNING LIFE SKILLS. Schools in Japan make students clean up the school each day. This practice teaches students important life skills as well as to respect their surroundings.

Japanese schools teach students life skills

by Isabella Melin Mar 29, 2024

A big cultural difference between America and Japan is that most schools in Japan do not hire janitorial staff and require students to clean the school daily. The purpose of this is to teach the children...

Predator for Profit. Image representing Apple being in court under accusation of being a predatory monopoly.

Digital Monopoly: Apple under question

by Kaitlin Burns Mar 29, 2024

Recently Apple has come under fire by the Department of Justice as they now question if Apple is using predatory tactics to control and manipulate the market for smartphones. Joined by attorney generals...

SHARE WOMENS STORIES. National Womens Month is a time to celebrate the contributions women have made to this country.

Women’s history month inspires young girls

by Isabella Melin Mar 25, 2024

Since 1995, March has been a month to celebrate the great women who’ve contributed to American history. Women’s History Month is a time to learn about and honor the important women in history, as well...

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