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HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG? The increasing trend of young girls using skincare is creating concerns on how young is too young to shop at Sephora.

Keep Gen Alpha out of Sephora

by Jackie Diaz, VOW Staff Feb 23, 2024

Sephora and Ulta serve as one of the top makeup companies in the world and for a good reason. Both franchises offer an abundance of makeup, hair, and skincare products targeted towards teenagers up to...

Leaping into the day. Graphic about leap years strange traits.

Take a Leap: The extra day of February 29

by Kaitlin Burns Feb 23, 2024

The concept of leap year has been around for a very long time, and it is becoming a part of everyday life. Every four years, a new day appears at the end of the shortest month, February. As a result of...

$7 MILLION DOLLARS FOR 30 SECONDS.  The price of Super Bowl commercials is outlandish and oftentimes a waste.

Super Bowl commercials not worth the money

by Isabella Melin Feb 23, 2024

$7 million. That is approximately how much money a company will spend on a 30-second ad for the Super Bowl. To put that into perspective, if someone had $7 million in hundred dollar bills, it would...

CAJUN CASH. The price of crawfish is up, causing some to question if mudbugs are worth the price.

Rising crawfish prices put pinch on wallets

by Sydney Prihoda Feb 22, 2024

Crawfish lovers have found themselves facing a predicament that strikes right at the heart of their culinary traditions - the soaring prices of their favorite crustacean. What was once an affordable delicacy...

Love and pain. Digital art inspired by dating violence awareness.

Precautions in Love: Teen dating violence awareness

by Kaitlin Burns Feb 13, 2024

Valentine’s is a holiday lovebirds tend to be drawn to, it being to celebrate their love as a whole. It is a holiday considered to be very happy for those in relationships, but not every couple’s situation...

IDs become mandatory for student safety

IDs become mandatory for student safety

by Sam Favela, VOW staff Feb 12, 2024

It’s Monday, February 12th. Wildkats wake up to attend school but with one minor difference: a student ID. Student IDs are cards with fellow students' faces on them to be able to identify their identity.  While...

NO PHONE ZONE. Students at Madison High School in Houston ISD are protesting the new cell phone rules put in place this week. Administrators linked cell phone videos with the uptick of fights this semester. photo by wildpixel from Getty Images via Canva

Madison High School places a phone ban

by Victoria Medina Feb 9, 2024

Starting this week in Houston ISD, Madison High School students are forced to leave their phones at home or they must turn in their phones at the front office before class. The constant fights at their...

TIME TO ACT. The government should should take act on the anti-fentanyl bill because there are people that are going through addiction everyday and the government isnt doing anything about it.

Anti-Fentanyl bill crisis warrants immediate action

by Ashley Briones Feb 9, 2024

It is important to establish earlier that I am a musician and that I have no political alliance. I am neither Democrat nor Republican. In fact, because of my past, my right to vote has been restricted....

WHATS LOVE WORTH? Scale holding a gift and a handwritten letter, shows the value of dedication. Photo or infographic by Stone Chapman.

Valentine’s gifts more than diamonds, dinners

by Stone Chapman, VOW Staff Writer Feb 6, 2024

Hallmark cards depicting kittens with heart eyes, designer bags and chocolate in the shape of a rose tend to have an uptick in sales during everyone’s most hated or admired holiday. Valentine's Day started...

Move over Valentines Day, here comes Galentines Day

Move over Valentine’s Day, here comes Galentine’s Day

by Victoria Medina Feb 6, 2024

As Valentine's Day starts to creep around the corner on Feb. 14, some people might not have a valentine. But who would be better to spend the day than with friends? For ideas for this year's Galentine's...

WHO WOULD YOU VOTE FOR. students around campus were asked who they wanted to vote for in the upcoming election. there were some unexpected results.

Students share surprising opinions about presidential candidates

by Isabella Melin Feb 5, 2024

Students around the school were surveyed about who they would vote for in the upcoming presidential election. After data was collected it has shown some surprising results. While many students showed...

Groundhog day predicts longer winter or early spring

Groundhog day predicts longer winter or early spring

by Victoria Medina Feb 2, 2024

On February 2nd, a Groundhog peaks out of the ground and predicts the weather forecast for the next six weeks. In the hands of Punxsutawney Phil, the change of seasons is debatable whether he sees his...

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