Ladykats sweep Conroe in front of loud, spirited crowd

Ladykats sweep Conroe in front of loud, spirited crowd

photo or infographic by Katherine Lee


Pass! Set! Hit! The Willis Ladykats are back at it again. Volleyball season is here and the Ladykats are ready to win.

The Ladykats have already had multiple games and have competed in three tournaments. They begin district play Friday August 30th.

“The start of the season is going good. We are learning each other and trying to be a more cohesive unit and we are getting there.” coach Megan Storms said.

Although the Ladykats have not won every game played they are working hard. 

“There has been ups and downs. Although we have played well we haven’t been able to finish all the games yet,” althletic director and coach Stephanie Shelly said.

With seven of the seniors graduated in 2019, the team and coaches are trying to adjust.

“We have a really young team and there’s new faces, but we are figuring ourselves out and making it our own team,” Storms said.

Returning varsity players are eager to see what the season holds.

“We need some improvement and the team is young, but I’m excited for the season,” sophomore Taylor Thomas said.

The coaches are excited to work with the team and see what team can be.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product and what they can accomplish together as a team,” Storms said.

Coaches want their team to succeed so they  hold their players accountable for following their expectations. 

“I want all of them to give 100% and have good attitudes and never give up. And I want them to grow mentally tougher. All of these things will help the volleyball part,” Storms said.

With a win against Conroe in pre- season , the Ladykats are headed to district confidently.

“The Conroe game was energetic and all around outstanding competitiveness. I’m excited for what the season holds for not just me but for the whole volleyball program,” junior Kez Smith said. “The Conroe game was only the tip of the iceberg for what the Ladykats have in store for the 2019-2020 season.”

photos by Katherine Lee