Tennis team sets goals for upcoming season


Reading, writing, arithmetic and rackets. Each day filled with the basics at school end on the courts of the Blythe Calfee Tennis Center. The members of the varsity and j.v teams don’t limit their lessons to what is learned in the classrooms, they tackle the tough lessons learned on the court with practices six- eight hours each week after  school.

The coaches and players have dedicated a lot of time into the sport and have set goals for the season.

“I want my kids to strive to improve enough to be successful and play tennis for the rest of their lives,” Coach Parrott said. “I want them to apply what we teach them so they can become consistent players.”

The students work hard each day to get better at the sport and to reach their goals and this year they are giving their all

“Last year I got injured towards the end of the season and it wasn’t fun at all to have to sit and watch my teammates play while I couldn’t,” sophomore Jenna Dempsey said. “My main goals for this year are to actually be able to play and make it further into the playoffs.”

The captain of the team has a very similar goal for his senior year of playing the sport.

“My personal goals for the team this year is to make it to state,” senior Ethan Benson said. “It won’t be an easy process, but I believe that if we try hard enough, it’s definitely possible.”

Because the players spend so much time playing tennis they become passionate about the sport and put as much time and effort into it as they can. 

“I found out I liked playing tennis in 8th grade,” said sophomore Brenan Mansker. “I like the individual aspect of it.

We spend about 6-8 hours practicing every week and I think it’s worth every minute.

— Brenan Mansker