JROTC cadet earns top honors


photo or infographic by photo courtesy of AFJROTC

DEDICATION. Junior Olivia Bell is honored as a Distinguished Graduate while at CLC leadership camp this summer. Bell was one of ten AFJROTC members to attend the camp hosted by the US Navy.

by Carlie Rutledge, VOW co-editor

Hard work and dedication is what is needed to succeed in JROTC, and one cadet was honored for her hard work and dedication when she earned the Distinguished Graduate Award during her summer training.

Cadet Olivia Bell went to the Cadet Leadership Course, CLC this summer. CLC was a week-long camp hosted by the United States Air Force that taught the participants leadership skills. 

Colonel Vincent Jefferson chose ten cadets to train then attend the camp. To prepare, cadets trained before attending. They trained as a group and worked hard to prepare for this camp.  Some of them did personal training too.

“I did CLC training during the last month of school,” junior Olivia Bell said “For that, we ran miles and did push-ups and sit-ups. I tried to mentally prepare for the yelling by telling myself it is only a week.” 

Cadet training officers from the U.S. Navy were there to help shape the cadets into the people they should be. 

“CLC was about leadership and personal and mental strength,” Bell said. “CTO – cadet training officer – helped guide and build us, using military style.”

According to USAFA.org, the Distinguished Graduate Award is awarded to “exceptional graduates” who have made a big difference to their communities. 

“I earned Distinguished Graduate meaning I graduated from CLC top five percent, to be more exact,” Bell said. “I was ranked five out of 300+ cadets.”

Sometimes to achieve greatness, people need to think over and over again that they can do it.  They can accomplish their goals. 

“I kind of just put my mind to it and pushed myself until I couldn’t anymore,” Bell said.