Meet the Kats kicks off fall sports season


photo or infographic by Summer Rains

RECOGNIZED. Representing the cross country team, seniors Sloane Veronico and Cori Teer with juniors Juliana Garcia, Juliana Needham and Jennifer Garcia are introduced during Meet the Kats. Football, volleyball, band, color guard, trainers, Sweethearts, cheer and ROTC participate in the community pep rally. “Meet the Kats gives all fall sports the opportunity for all their hard work to be recognized,” Needham said. It is also an amazing way to get to know your fellow peers and teammates.”

As the gym fills with the noise of the band and the cheering of the people eager to see everyone gathering in the gym, the teams, musicians, dancers and cheerleaders start the Meet the Kats festivities, excited to start the year with such a supporting community, 

“I loved being able to go down and line up with all the other seniors in band and guard to celebrate our time and hardwork in the program,” senior Sadie Blair said.

I loved being able to go down and line up with all the other seniors in band and guard to celebrate our time and hardwork in the program

— Sadie Blair, 12

On August 17, Meet the Kats brought the school and community together cheering hyping up the fall sports and clubs associated with Friday Night Lights.

“Going to Meet the Kats was very exciting, freshman Melissa Maldonado said. “It was breathtaking to see all the players on teams and seeing the cheer and drill team perform.”

It’s a time to have fun with friends and cheer for the athletes.

“I had an awesome night with the colorguard in the stands,” senior Kiley Cheatham said. “It was a lot of fun getting to dance and sing along to the music with my friends. It was a very memorable last Meet the Kats.”

After the cheering is over, the band is finished playing and the athletes are all introduced, the memories of Meet the Kats remain. 

“At Meet the Kats, I felt mixed emotions,” junior Alberta Roberts said. “I was happy, sad, reminiscing and just plain tired. I’m a junior, but it made me realize that my time is almost up and I will soon be walking across the stage.”