by Piper Neumann, VOW sports editor

AND I OOP.  For meme day, sophomore Aiden Collier dresses up as a vsco girl. “I dressed up as a vsco girl because it’s one of the most popular things in society.” Collier was accessorized by Jennifer Talley and Lainey Neiderhoffer.

SLEEPING IN CLASS JUST GOT EASIER. Teacher Johanna Hourahan, sophomore Sarah Glenn and junior Brianna Manuel work in Chemistry class while dressed for pj day. “I loved feeling comfy all day long,” Hourahan said. Pajama day was part of rival week, the  celebration of school spirit to pump the school up before the game against Huntsville.

OVER-ALL THE BEST. Seniors Ajee Demmings and Brianna Fletcher are dressed up for overall day to show their school spirit.  “I surprised my best friend and her reaction made it all worth it,” Fletcher said. Fletcher worked on the overalls all night.