Sweetheart officers bond at grueling summer camp

From sun up to sun down, dancers work to prepare for upcoming year


photo or infographic by photo courtesy of WHS Sweethearts

TOGETHER. Before a performance at officer camp, the Sweetheart officers take a moment together. The officers spent their first week of summer working hard at camp and planning the next year together. It is a tough week that brings the girls closer.

The Sweethearts are an award winning and hardworking team but it takes more than dancing to keep up their winning streak. The officers are a big factor into making the team work by helping out one on one time and teaching the dances. They practice year round to have an award winning team.

The week after school lets out when most kids are starting summer break the Sweetheart Officers are working hard attending Officer Leadership Camp in Houston.

“The best part about bringing the officers to camp is the show-off on the last day when their friends and family can come see how hard the girls worked and watch their amazing final performance,” director Katie Cade said.

The officers are together for several days bonding and getting to know one another.

“During officer camp we are stuck together like glue from waking up and dancing all day until our heads hit the pillow,” senior Cheyenne Mitchell said.

Their time at camp is super busy and tough, but them being able to get through the tough times made them stronger as a group.

“At officer camp we go to multiple classes during the day and practice the dances we learned late through the night,” senior Owan Alleman said. “Even though it is a busy learning experience, it is a great way for the officer line to grow and become a close group of leaders,” 

Dedication is the key factor for the officers to make it through camp and come out closer and stronger as a group.

“Officer camp is a week dedicated for hard work,” senior Alexia Murtaugh said. “It is just an amazing time to learn how we all work together as one, and it sets the whole mood for the exciting upcoming year.”