Football players give back to community


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

HELPING HANDS. Giving back to the community that supports them, junior Jace Halbaedier shovels sand at Presbyterian Day School. During the summer many of the football players volunteered to help members of the community. “We figured that we should help others,” Halbaedier said. “So we said why not, went a grabbed a wheel board, a couple shovels and went at it.”

by Hailey Alvarez, VOW staff

Helping others. Caring for the community’s needs. Giving back to the less fortunate. 

This is the image of the community service organizations on campus. But this summer, the football team showed that giving back can be part of all groups on campus.

The team helped around campus when many teachers moved to make the freshmen wing a reality.

“We did help this teacher move her stuff down the stairs before school started,” junior Patrick McConnell said.

The team also helped new teachers and coaches feel at home.

“We helped some teachers move, like Coach Patterson. It was kind of fun,” sophomore Ryan Rodriguez said.

Over the summer, many of the players decided they also wanted to make a difference.

“It felt good to finally give back and help our people,” sophomore Trevor Harrison said.

The football players are setting an example that all Wildkats should adopt. 

“I feel as if giving back to the community sets an example that all Wildkat Football players should follow,” junior Jace Halbaedier said. “I’ve had several conversations with my guy Zach, just talking about how the community gives so much to us. I truly thought it was just our turn to return the favor. We really want to be supported, so we figured that we should help others.”