Yay for pep rallies, boo for bad attitudes

After a year of pushing to convince our administrators, pep rallies are back. There’s truly not a better way to get the teams excited and embrace the Wildkat school spirit. Although, all the thrill of finally having pep rallies back dissolves with all the negative energy people give off as they walk into the gym.

I personally was extremely excited about getting pep rallies back. I walked in excited as the drum line played with such positive energy. I walked up into the bleachers, and all I heard was complaints about how much people hate pep rallies because of all the crowds. Others complained about how everything was so “lame.” The same people would take the time to critique how much our football team sucked, and how our cheerleaders have nothing else to do other than be annoying. 

As I heard the constant bickering, I realized that this is not how things will get better. We need to open up, see the bigger picture and allow ourselves to evaluate all the changes our school is embracing. I realize that our football team hasn’t had the best stats in previous years, and we’re not the best in the state, but this is something that can happen. Cheerleaders also have not had the best representation here, but I can definitely say that these girls have stepped up their game due to a great new coaching staff. I’ve never seen this group of girls work as hard, and I believe that these girls will be bigger, better and bolder than ever before. 

I am appalled by the amount of students who have the courage to critique their peers around them. This is not how our high school will succeed. In order to see a positive outcome from our athletic teams and clubs, we need to support the people in them. If we go into a pep rally “booing” these hard working members of our school, there’s a big possibility that they won’t have the same positive energy they had before.You can’t expect others to thrive on the negativity you give off.

So today, when it is your turn to fight for the spirit stick, yell loud. When the teams give a pep talk, show them support. And most of all, when our school song starts link pinkies and listen to the words. They mean a lot. If you don’t know them, here they are. 

Stand for our colors,

Stand for our school.

Purple for valor,

White is for our rule.

We pledge our loyalty, 

Willis to you.

Hail to the school we love, 

Hold you banner high.