Students can now further knowledge of human body with DC Anatomy

Terri Ray

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There are many new opportunities for Wildkats as the year starts. Students can join several new clubs. All students have Chromebooks to use in class and at home. And, for those students looking for more knowledge on the human body, a new dual credit class is offered in the science department. 

DC Anatomy is taught by Heather Lebow, and is offered to students through Lone Star College. The class focuses on how each part of the body works. This course can be highly beneficial for students hoping for a career in the medical field.

“Anatomy gives me another option besides taking health science,” junior Oliver Bowling said.

For students who are planning on becoming medical professionals, the class can help them get a head start on their college science classes. 

“I took the class to further my knowledge in human anatomy,” senior Reed Hildenbrandt said. “I am going to be a cardiologist.”

A career in the medical field is highly competitive, so gaining basic knowledge at an early age will be helpful in more advanced classes.

“Anatomy is about the body and how it works,” senior Priya Patel said. “It will be beneficial to me because I’m planning on going into the medical field.”