Faculty softball tourney scheduled for October

Teams from around district will participate in weekend tourney


photo or infographic by photo from 2018 tourney

RUNNING TO FIRST. After a successful hit, AP Roger McNeel helps the WHS Scantrons secure a win in the 2018 tournament. “I enjoy playing sports and building relationships with coworkers,” McNeel said. “I played baseball in high school, and it allowed me to be confident in my ability to contribute to the team.”

WHS SCANTRONS. The 2018 Scan-trons after their first win in the tournament last year. FRONT: Shelly Smart and Jim Korkowski. SECOND: Stephanie Osborn, Lauren Korfhage, Shannon York and Amber Brumlow, BACK: Chris Slovak, Mike Robinson, Evan O’Rear, Roget McNeel and Ken Labonski.

On October 19th, teachers will trade in their red pens and expo markers for bats and gloves as the 3rd Annual WISD Softball Tournament commences at Shelly Field. 

Teams from all over the district are scheduled to relive their high school glory days behind home plate and in the outfield. 

The tournament was created three years ago to create an opportunity for campuses to connect in a nonacademic setting. 

“We are able to build relationships with other people from different campuses,” math teacher James Korkowski said.

Working as a team can create a bond between teachers who do not have a chance to bond on a daily basis. 

“It was awesome making new friends and beating the administrator team,” choir assistant director Lauren Korfhage said.

Just like how families make memories together, the district staff made many memories and new connections at the game. 

“This is my third year,” English teacher and tournament organizer Chris Slovak said. “We started a few years ago to help bring teachers together. We were very unfamiliar with each other, so this was a good opportunity for us to get to know each other.”

With a growing district, team members compete with hopes of creating stronger connections among their Willis family. 

“We just wanted to have fun, and get to know everyone in the district because we have grown so much in the last couple of years,” English teacher Joe Barbara said. “ It was a chance to cut loose and get to know people outside of the work environment.”