New student section set for homecoming game

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photo or infographic by Will Nye

SPEAKING FROM HER HEART. Stu-co president senior Gracie Dorris speaks at the WISD School Board meeting in support of a dedicated student section. “I want to find a solution to this as soon as possible,” Dorris said.

courtesy of WHS
DIAGRAM OF STADIUM WITH NEW STUDENT SECTION. For the homecoming game on October 5, there will new student section. The band and Sweethearts will also be moved.

A new student section is planned for the homecoming game on October 4, 2019. The student section has been in discussion since last football season.

On Friday night at the first home game against Lake Creek, a designated space was reserved for students, but filled with adults. 

“It was very frustrating to be blamed for being disrespectful for blocking someone’s view,“ senior Peyton Payne said. “We were placed there by our administration, and all we wanted to do was support our school.” 

Principal Stephanie Hodgins is having optimistic thoughts about the unexpected situation contrary to some students’ outlooks. 

“This is a good problem to have,” Hodgins said. “We’ve been trying to get students to be more involved and spirited. Last year we didn’t have that many students excited about showing spirit, this year it was an overwhelming amount of students that we were not expecting.” 

Hodgins has plans to compromise with the student body to a solution that suits everyone. 

“I am trying to work out a solution where everyone is happy,” Hodgins said. “Obviously, we don’t have full control over the stadium as it is district owned, but I am trying my best to get what the students want.”

Expressing the importance of a dedicated student section, student body president senior Gracie Dorris spoke at the school board meeting on Monday.

“My goal is to get a positive outcome,” Dorris said. “I have proposed a solution for the student section, but mainly I hope the administration realizes that their students care about having school spirit and supporting our teams. 

Dorris along with some members of the student body remain hopeful in their beliefs of continuing tradition and showing elevated school spirit. 

“We love our hometown and want to support our team. So we are here to fight for our school spirit, the pit, and to keep our legacy alive. Wildkats never die.” Dorris said.