Spooky season starts with Friday 13th


photo or infographic by Terri Ray

Do you have a Friday the 13th superstition? Over 1/2 of the 25 Wildkats surveyed said yes.

by Piper Neumann , VOW sports editor

Triskaidekaphobia is the extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen. The paranoia is rising as Friday approaches. Friday is not only the 13th, it is also a harvest moon. This will not happen again until 2049. 

Friday the 13th has been unlucky all through history and is traced back to Judas, the thirteenth person to arrive at dinner the night before Jesus died. This day is known as unlucky and it commonly dreaded by many. 

Many freaky events have occurred on Friday the 13th. According to esquire.com, in 1969 the Mets and the Cubs were having a game, both wanting to dominate in their division. In the middle of the game a black cat ran onto the field and then went to the Cubs dugout for a few seconds before finally leaving. In that season the Cubs lost 18 of their 27 games. 

Strange events and weird happening are common place on the 13th. The superstition seems silly until strange things start happening. 

“One time on Friday the 13th, I was watching a scary movie with my friends, and I was scared so I was watching iCarly under the blanket,” senior Peyton Payne said. “Then my nose started bleeding, and it would not stop. It was creepy.” 

Most students really don’t think much about the 13th at all. One student does think the day is lucky.

“I’m not scared of this day because the best person alive was born on a Friday the thirteenth…me,” sophomore Cole Arnold said.

Teachers, on the other hand, are more superstitious about the day. .

“Typically Friday the thirteenth is good for me because it evens out with my birthday curse, although I always keep open for anything suspicious,” theater teacher Cassandra Matlock said. “But I always make sure I don’t say MacBeth in the theater especially on Friday the thirteenth because we don’t need that drama.”