New FCCLA clubs aims to broaden students opportunities


photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood

PROPERLY CUTTING. Chef Jefferson shows junior Emilee Buhl how to cut the dish quiche Lorraine for the upcoming breakfast banquet. “After watching chef Jefferson cut the dish I wanted to learn to do it,” Buhl said. “ I was nervous at first because I didn’t want to make a mistake, but with some help angling the knife I think I did a good job.”

Charnell Haywood
FINISHING TOUCHES. Positioning the trays, senior Alexis Harrison sets the first couple of fruit trays out ready to be picked up and sent away. Student chefs helped to prepare breakfast for a group of retired teachers from the county. “I enjoyed helping out for the breakfast, cutting the fruit up,” Harrison said.
Charnell Haywood
PREPARATION. Checking up on the entree, junior Shae Scott sees if the platter is ready to come out and cool. Student chefs made their own short dough, shaping it, allowing it to rest, then blind baking it. For the student chefs it took three days to prepare. “I was just making sure it didn’t burned and it was all the way done,” Scott said.
Charnell Haywood
ADDING INGREDIENTS. Pouring juice, senior Jaquez Williams fills up the container for the upcoming breakfast for retired Montgomery county teachers. Retired staff wanted to see the CTE center also since this was just the second having it. “I enjoyed working in the kitchen and around food,” Williams said.

Scholarships, human services and real world skills. All these things and more are offered through the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America or the FCCLA. This brand new club engages students through leadership development and career exploration by peer to peer education and the application of skills learned in the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom. 

Already, with so many people wanting to be a part of FCCLA, the club plans to better each of their members future.

“I mentioned the club last year to my students and most of them said they would join if we started it,” Culinary Arts Instructor Sandra Jefferson said. “Now we have around 50 applicants and we plan on honing in skills and preparing them for great opportunities to earn scholarship money.”

As a brand new club, the officers are working on trying to get everything up and running so they’ll be ready for all the new applicants.

“We’re trying to bring new opportunities to the school,” sophomore Abrianna Bazan said. “As secretary, my plan for the club is to keep everyone grounded.”

There are so many opportunities for scholarships and even job possibilities if someone decides to join this club.

“You need to have taken at least one year of family consumer science to join,” Jefferson said. “We’ll get out and work in the community and develop workplace skills.”

The new culinary arts classroom will be an essential part of the FCCLA in helping the members.

“We have fabulous, outstanding facilities,” Jefferson said. “We superseded the standards of most other schools. It’s the perfect kitchen. Comparable to college and maybe even better because we have more improved equipment that utilizes technology like our oven and fryer.”