Open House set for Thursday


Open house is on Thursday, September 19th at 6:00 P.M.  This is a time for parents to meet the teachers that are teaching their child.

“Parents are encouraged to come to open house to talk about the students and how they’ve been doing,” Principal Stephanie Hodgins said. “Open house is also a time for positive comments, not negative. We can save those another day.”

Students can benefit from their parent’s attendance. It can also be a good idea for students to come escort their parents for the evening.

 “A kid may not pay attention to certain important things that the teacher might have to say,” senior Ariel alvarado said. “Teachers can inform the parents, and then the parents can retain the info. For example, if they need specific supplies for school, that parent will already be informed.” 

Teachers also see the benefits of open house.

“I feel like it’s a different experience for the parent to come to my classroom to see for themselves how I do things rather than go on my website and read about it,” English teacher Bailey Pereira said “It’s also a time where I can speak positively about my students and not negative. I save the negative things for other days when other parents aren’t around because I feel like that kind of stuff should be private with just me and my student’s parents.”

Members of the yearbook staff will be set up in the main hall to set up payment plans and sell 2020 yearbooks. Past yearbooks will also be available to sell.

“Yearbooks are $65 for the month of September,” adviser Emily Meachen said. “This is $35 off what they cost us to publish. This is the time to buy a book or start a payment plan.”

Many other clubs will also take part in open house this year. The cafeteria will be filled with club members ready to recruit new members.

“We also changed it up and we are going to have tables out and each club will claim one,” Hodgins said. “Parents can ask questions about the clubs their child is in, or the students can sign up for other clubs that they are interested in.”