Windy City offers comic con fun


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OH MY THOR. Actor Chris Hemsworth was a major attraction of the Comicon Midwest. Sophomore Summer Rains waited hours in line and purchased pricey tickets to meet several A-list celebrities during her time at the event.

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VALKYRIE SIGHTING. Meeting Tessa Thompson of MIB and Thor fame was a highlight for sophomore Summer Rains when she attended ACE Comicon Midwest.
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COSPLAY THE RIGHT WAY. At the ACE Comicon Midwest, sophomore Summer Rains spent days meeting other comic book fans and cosplayers representing all areas of the Marvel universe.

Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, never-ending wind and cubs baseball, but my experience of the Windy City was not spent in the Willis Tower and in pizza restaurants. It was spent in one single building where I drained my bank account but gained an experience of a lifetime. While most students used the three-day weekend to rest up and get ready for the next nine weeks, I decided to use my time to travel to Chicago’s Ace Comic Con Midwest on October 10th through the 13th.

The highlight was meeting some of the biggest names in Marvel including Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Brie Larson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tessa Thompson. I took pictures with each of them, and got Chris Hemsworth’s and Tessa Thompson’s signature. My weekend consisted of standing in lines for hours at a time and spending all my birthday money on rare Marvel collectibles. I also watched three panels interviewing actors about current and future movies and their overall acting career. My absolute favorite part of the event was when I had a photo op with Tessa Thompson. I walked into her booth, and she told me she liked what I was wearing. It was the most exciting thing ever.

Last weekend was the best weekend of my life. Some people view cons as weird or nerdy, but I had so much fun and want to go to as many as I can. Ace Comic Con holds three cons every year in different parts of the U.S. Some of the bigger cons are San Diego Comic Con in June and New York Comic Con in October. The closest con to us is Houston Comicpalooza in May. All of the events have social media accounts and websites where you can look up specifics about each event and see which celebrity you could have a chance to meet. My advice, go as soon and as often as you can.