ASVAB not pass-fail

Test can help determine future path


photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood

WHAT DOES THE ASVAB MEASURE? The ASVAB was given on November 7, 2019. It measures a students ability in nine key areas.

by Charnell Haywood, VOW co-editor

Algebra test, biology test, history test, PSAT, ACT it never ends. Most tests are required to be taken. The ASVAB test is a test students choose to take. It is more important than any test that a student will take because it determines a future path.  The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a multiple choice timed test available to over 14,000 schools, was given November 7th. Scores will be available to students in about a week. 

Every student should be encouraged to take this test because it could be more helpful in ways a person would think. There is a reason why this test is offered to schools all around; it is more than an opportunity. This test can completely change someone’s career route.

ASVAB test is not only a military test, but it is a great opportunity for students who do not know what they want to be. It categorizes students to what they are good at which places them in an area that best fits them. Every student should take advantage of taking the ASVAB test. It will benefit everyone who takes it because it opens new doors to every student who was not aware of the opportunities available to them. This test will affect students for the better and never for the worse. It is the complete choice of the student to take the test. 

The ASVAB tests in areas of arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension and mathematics knowledge. There are eight sections to be tested with different times for each one. A high score can grant good fortunes that can affect the future positively. The test will help with college or after high school job opportunities. When you get your results, it can lead to be a life-changing choice. The test will benefit students more than they think it will. With their results they might find that they are destined to do whatever, and it will save them time and money. The test is not about passing or failing, but seeing what someone is best at. This may even influence them to go down a career path never dreamed of before. Either way, it is the student’s choice and that is a big part of it. Their choice, their pathway, their time. Taking this test will be a huge step in life. 

Even if a student already knows the path they want to take, taking the ASVAB test will not hurt anyone. This test can help a student to explore their options in deciding on a career pathway. Even if students do not want to serve in the military, it is completely alright to just take the test  to see where they’re best at. The ASVAB test boosts mentality and confidence to where a student will be prepared for the world outside of school. 

To make it clear that students are not obligated to go into the military after taking this test. Even the instructor conducting the test will state that no one is obligated to go into the military. This is for just for a student to broaden their decisions in careers. Sometimes it becomes hard to decide what a person wants to do after high school, but this test will determine an outlook on the situation. 

Although there are other tests offered later on it is better to take the opportunity right now while you can. Many would want to prepare for the test and there are practice test available. Yet the test material is from all the subjects that were learned previous years ago. There is also material in mechanics. Most students will find the test easy according to what they are capable of or like in school. The math or reading part may come natural to one student. While the science come easy to another. It all depends on every single student. Take advantage of the great opportunity.

Time is ticking. Years are flying by. It is time to make a change. It is time to be the change. This is a decision all students should make to help their future.