Cap policy will not change for 2020 graduation


photo or infographic by Piper Neumann

Eighty four percent of the seniors surveyed think seniors should get to decorate their caps at graduation.

by Katlyn Coyer, VOW staff

As the sea of purple files into Johnson Colosseum on May 22, parents will struggle to find their children among the graduating class. With all the seniors looking exactly the same wearing the same purple caps and same purple gowns, it could be challenging to find each senior in the sea of purple. 

After picking up caps and gowns last week, seniors begin to ask questions about decorating caps. In the past, seniors have not been allowed to decorate caps to wear on graduation night. 

“There is not a written policy,” Principal Stephanie Hodgins said. “Last year what district and high school administration decided was that decorating the caps was more of a college thing. It’s not a tradition that we are planning to start at the high school.”

Some seniors want to decorate their hat for graduation night. After spending almost $50 for the cap and gown, seniors want a chance to make it their own.

“We should be able to do it since we pay so much money for it,” senior Jezzett Alcantara said. 

Decorating the hats would be a form of celebration for some seniors. They want a chance to prove they can handle the responsibility.

“It is just a way of showing that we did it,” senior Bryce Washburn said. “We are graduating and should have more lenience.”

Administration believes seniors should wait until college to decorate caps because it is more so a college thing. But some seniors argue they might not go to college and will miss the opportunity.

“I am not going to college,” senior Harrison Hutchins said. “This would be my only time to decorate a cap.”

A concern shared by administrators and some seniors is that caps decorated with inappropriate sayings and art could be a problem. 

“People could be too inappropriate with their decorations,” Alcantara said.

Hodgins wants seniors to know that there is a reason caps must stay plain for the ceremony.

“No one is trying to take something away from the seniors,” Hodgins said. “It would take a significant amount of manpower. Adults would have to monitor this, because with almost 500 seniors, someone would have to review every single cap and make sure it is appropriate.We don’t want any one person to ruin it for anyone else.”