Travel ‘Into the Unknown’ with Anna, Elsa, Olaf in Frozen 2


photo or infographic by Terri Ray

The gang is back for Frozen 2. Who is your favorite? Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Anna or Elsa.

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor

Way back in 2013, the world had heard “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen to the point of never wanting to hear it again and everyone, whether they had seen the movie or not, had Anna and Elsa’s high pitched voices frozen in their ears.  Now with the release of Frozen 2, people of all ages are hesitant to see if it will live up to the annoyance of the first. 

Going into the movie, no one knew what to expect as all the trailers were very vague, just showing Elsa staring out into a vast, dark ocean. The movie turned out to be about the spirits of the forest and Arendelle’s past colliding and solving old problems, with Elsa and Anna’s parents giving them insight into how the forest relates to their kingdom. The movie still has the well-known characters with Olaf, who suddenly has an appreciation for life and age, and Sven who is along for the ride and encourages Kristoff, who is on his quest to propose to Anna. Olaf steals the show again with his witty remarks and has a show stopping performance when he recaps the last Frozen using his normal dramatic theatrics and Kristoff brings his sense of humor and boyish charm into his love song to Anna. The featured songs in the movie are not quite as catchy and annoying, as they were in the first movie, but Elsa did not disappoint with her self-empowering song, “Into the Unknown,” that is repeated throughout the film.

The movie overall is catered to an older audience, who has an understanding of knowing who they are. Some believe it to be better than the first, while others believe that a second Frozen should not have even been made. The movie is worth seeing and fans of the first Frozen will not be disappointed.