New semester, new decade kicks off with reflection on 2019


photo or infographic by VOW staff

As the semester closed, VOW staff members reflected on the lesson taught by 2019. The lessons taught by the last year will help make 2020 amazing.

It is a beautiful world that looks even better when you are just being yourself without fear of others judging you.”

As the semester begins and a new decade is just a few days old, it is time to reflect on what lessons were taught by the 365 days of 2019. The good times were good and the bad times tested every single person on the globe. The newspaper staff wanted to share a few lessons learned. Some were pretty obvious and others are still a work in progress, but 2020 should be easier and more successful with the things learned this year.  Hopefully, they will help the new year be amazing and successful.

  • I learned to stop caring about what people thought of me. I had always been worried about what others would say if I did this, or about what they would think if I did that. It was affecting my confidence and the way I saw myself. I finally realize that it doesn’t matter what people think of me as long as I am happy, and I am doing what is best for me. People will always have something mean to say about whatever you do, but as long as you are happy, it shouldn’t matter what others think. Life is far too short to live in a constant state of fear for what everyone might say. I learned that I am my number one priority, and if I have people who will love and support me along the way that is just the cherry on top of this amazing thing called life. It is a beautiful world that looks even better when you are just being yourself without fear of others judging you.
  • In 2019 I learned to put my happiness and well-being over stress and anxiety. With financial hardships, work and school, I let it overwhelm me at times, but through it all I had to learn how to also take care of myself and to make sure I am okay. Work and school is second on the priority list when it comes to your true well being. Through relationships, friendships and the help of one very special teacher, I’ve learned the meaning of happiness and to slow down and enjoy life.
  • No matter how disrespectful others are to you, just be respectful. Even if they decide to call you things you are not or say you did things that never even happened, don’t let it bother you too much and just brush it off.
  • People cheapen the value of a friendship because of how they respond and review relationships. Do what you can with what you have because what you have will be good enough for something. The moment you give up is the moment you are given a chance to succeed. Cherish what you have because someone else out there has nothing.
  • Even though it’s really hard to give 100% in everything you do every day, it’s worth it in the end because the important people recognize the dedication and hard work.
  • I will no longer let people affect my mood or attitude. When I let someone make me mad or disappoint me, then they win. Some people are just negative and never can see the positive in anything. I refuse to let those people poison my day and my life. Every person has a chance to have an awesome day every day, and I will not let someone take that away from me.
  • I learned that no matter what it will always be important to be yourself. Don’t ever change yourself for another person. Always be true to what you love and embrace your dreams.

Happy 2020. The Voice of the Wildkats staff hopes the new semester, year and decade is full of success and happiness for every one of our readers.