Student leaders work to add kindness to school



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#WHSRAK. Presidents Council member senior Demaris Pelayo shares a RAK with a new friend, senior Brayden Sprat. As part of the council’s RAK initiative, members are posting positive messages on social media and on post-its around the school.

A few nice words can help a person more than you think.

Be the reason someone smiles today.

Just be nice.

The phrases are so simple, but they can mean so much. A random complement or a small note of encouragement can brighten a stranger’s day. That is the thought behind #WHSRAK. 

On Thursday, January 30th the Presidents Council decided to start #WHSRAK. A project to spread RAK’s around campus.  

RAK stands for random acts of kindness. The concept has been around for years, but the Presidents’ Council wants to promote it around the school. The organization was founded by Principal Stephanie Hodgins last year and helps bring unity to all clubs and sports.

“The purpose of the club is to help spread positivity throughout our school and make everyone involved with each other,” junior Marissa Fletcher said. “RAKs help people feel noticed and appreciated and want to come to school.”

The #WHSRAK project is ongoing. The random sticky notes and positive comments around the school are products of this project. 

“RAK is going around giving people a sticky note with a complement to help boost them up and posting it on instagram and use the hashtag #WHSRAK,” freshman Caroline Woodfill said.

RAK is hoping to make people’s day a little better

“It is a way for students to have a say in how to better our campus,” sophomore Carson Rex said. “They are unexpected surprises that can make someone change their mood and have a better day.”