Football, volleyball, basketball districts set for 6A competition

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College park, Conroe, Grand Oaks, Oak Ridge, The Woodlands, and Willis. 

Next year these high schools will be part of the 6A District in UIL sports: volleyball, football and basketball both girls and boys

“I think with the right mentality we will do just fine in 6A,” Athletic Director Michael Wall said. “My message to our kids and coaches is ‘Bring it on’. To be honest, I am very excited about it.”

Students have a positive outlook on the upcoming challenges.

“I know next year is going to be challenging,” sophomore Rylee McDonald said. “But it is an opportunity to get better as a team because we will be playing better and more competitive schools.”

Some sports are going to have more of a challenge than others when it comes to playing in the new district. 

“It will be a great challenge for us in both basketball and volleyball,” Wall said. “This might be more challenging for volleyball, as these teams are all very good in the sport.”

Coaches and students are ready to face this challenge head on and compete next year with all they have. 

“This might be more challenging for volleyball,” Wall said. “As these teams are all very good in the sport.  With any upward change in classification it will take some adjusting, but we will rise to the challenge, and we will be ready.