More than skill needed to make baseball team

by Brayden Wilder, VOW contributor from Journalism I class

Throwing. Catching. Hitting. Fielding.

All of these skills are necessary, but it’s is more than fundamental. These four simple tasks are what separates the boys from the men at baseball tryouts last weekend. The athletes had to show off their best ability whether it be there fielding or their speed.

“Speed and my ability to hit the baseball well,” freshman Logan Wilson said. “I am also a very quick and speedy person.”

Athletes also need to play their position they are good at and have a reason to play that position.

“I play shortstop because I like to run the field,” freshman Braydon Hawthorne said. “I also have always played it well”

To make the team players have to understand Coach Propst needs on and off the field. They must understand what he wants in a baseball player.

“He wants a good player and athlete,” freshman Hutton Hoegemeyer said. “He also needs a good person on and off the field.”

If athletes tried out and made either varsity or J.V, they have to be prepared to change their schedule to move into the baseball class period.

“I’m excited to be in this class period to get closer with y’all,” freshman Braydon Hawthore said.