Interact promotes ‘service above self’


photo or infographic by staff

SERVE. The Interact Club promotes Service Above Self. They will give back to the community this week with their Valentine’s Party for a Purpose.


When others need it most. This world can be cruel and full of selfishness. But when students gather in social studies Shelley Eisinger’s room for Interact Club the world doesn’t have to look so grim anymore.

Interact Club has several upcoming service projects, but they will spring into action with a Valentine’s Day party with a purpose. They are hoping that these service projects will encourage and uplift the Willis community.

“I don’t really have a favorite project,” Eisinger said. “I like them all equally. I’m new to WHS, so everyday I’m finding out new things to help promote ‘service above self’ here at school.”

Some members find a specific appreciation for certain service projects that becomes a bit of an attachment to the student.

“My favorite service project was the candy project,” freshmen Ivy Nguyen said. “We sent tubes of wrapped candy to kids in Mexico that don’t have presents to receive presents. I just really enjoyed it.”

Interact Club creates an environment where people can cultivate important humanitarian characteristics.

Interact Club is a student service-oriented group, sponsored by Rotary International,” Eisinger said. “Its purpose is not only to provide community and school service opportunities, it also helps develop student leadership skills, and helps build a sense of civic servitude, participation, and engagement.”

When volunteers give they receive joy in return.

“Serving others makes me feel like I’m affecting people around me in a positive way,” Nguyen said. “Honestly, I joined Interact because looked like an exciting and eventful club that didn’t cost too much”

There is no hassle involved in joining and a member becomes equipped with traits learned from watching and practicing being a part of their community.

“It gives me a chance to promote selflessness in others, and model the importance of being part of a positive school community,” Eisinger said. “It’s easy to join Just come by room A105 and sign up. Fill out a member form and get ready to serve.”