JV softball ready for season


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

THE JV team. The team were undefeated in their scrimmages, and beat Porter Tuesday at home.

by Jolie Bond, VOW contributor from Journalism I class

Spring in Texas means several things: yellow pollen on the cars. bluebonnets on the sides of the roads and the start of the softball season.

The JV LadyKats started off their junior varsity season well, with a undefeated scrimmage schedule. They hosted their first game on Tuesday against Porter and won 5-1. 

“I am so happy that softball is starting up and I’m on a team to participate in this year’s season,” said freshman Mazlyn Claire. “I am so excited, our teams will do great.”

The legacy of the past softball teams leave giant shoes to fill. Team members know it is important to be live up to the expectations.

“I’m so glad softball has started and I get to play on one of our teams,” freshman Emma Atkinson said. “This season is going to be a great one, and I am super excited to get closer with all of the girls on the team.”

LadyKat softball has a lot of fans. They appreciate the time and effort the team makes.

“Softball is one of my favorite sports to watch. it’s just so fast paced and it’s really interesting,” freshman Katie Leggett said. “I’ve always wondered how some of our girls are so good at softball, it’s just crazy to me. They put so much time and effort into something they love, and it’s good for them and our school.” 

Practicing everyday after school seems like something that would cause stress, but some players feel like it help relieve the stress of the day. 

“Getting to practice everyday after school is so nice,” said sophomore Rilynn Tomas.“It just relieves so much stress and keeps my mind off things.”