COVID-19 tests hopes, dreams


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

The coronavirus has made an major impact on the world. What is the impact on the students?

by Charnell Haywood, VOW co-editor

COVID-19 has taken a toll for students all over the world. Having a spring break extension may seem enjoyable now, but will cause school to be behind in subjects and in preparation for major tests. This is becoming a real epidemic in society. The year 2020 is still fresh, but not beginning well. What is to come for the class of 2020 and the rest of the students in school and college?

Everyone was excited for the new decade. Little did they know COVID-19 would test hopes and dreams worldwide. Nevertheless, people must continue to live on and be safe. 

Each grade level, except for the seniors, have a Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading, also known as the STAAR test. Schools are given from the start of the year until April or May to get students prepared for the test. Now that school is weeks behind, there is no way the right amount of preparation can be determined to take the STAAR test. Therefore, the state of Texas’s Governor Greg Abbott, proclaimed notice on March 16 that the STAAR will be cancelled. This is big news because there are seniors who must retake STAAR tests they previously failed, so they can pass and graduate. This will cause them to have to come back just for a single test. 

The STAAR is a test that tells if a student is ready to move on. There are multiple tests that have to be taken in order to graduate. If the tests are postponed, time will still be needed to prepare for the upcoming test. For lower grades, there will not be enough time for preparation because of the next grade level test that must be taken. For incoming seniors it is not a requirement for them to take a STAAR. All they have to worry about is passing classes and college applications. If time has to be made to take a “postponed” test, students will have a lot on their hands. It will not be an easy route and a happy experience. 

Now for college kids, both dual credit and advanced placement, and on campus students. Students who take dual credit classes will have assignments due. The  amount of students who do not turn in anything will be high. The question that is roaming in all students’ minds, is will the assignments still be due now that we are not actually in school. Professors at colleges will expect assignments to still be worked on and submitted on time. The assignments may be pushed back, causing graduation to also be pushed back. There are students who live on campus and have no family close to them. If colleges completely shut down, these students will have nowhere to go. Some students are from out of state, so if transportation is shut down completely, this will lead to homelessness for some students. 

Who knew the virus would take the world this far? It is important to stay home and be safe. People need to do their part to prevent this from spreading. 

When schools finally start back again, there will be a lot to do. Schools are in their last nine week marking period. Right now it is not for sure when school will return, so there will be more time loss to make up. Questions will be asked if school will go past May to June. There will probably be seniors who will not return to school feeling sad, depressed or even discouraged because of what was supposed to be their last and final time in school. It is important that all students trust the process. There is not a rule book for this. The school has never dealt with stuff like this before. No one has ever dealt with stuff like this before.

COVID-19 has affected the school year at its highest point. What is to happen next will be indefinite. The coronavirus has made its mark in history worldwide. This moment will never be forgotten, and it will always have a toll on everyone.