Time away from school has students missing friends, structure


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photo or infographic by Michael Infante

During spring break, seniors Angelika Infante and Caleigh Nabors enjoy Galveston at Murdochs on Seawall Blvd.

No one would argue that the time off for spring break was awesome. Students slept in late, spent time with friends and took day trips to Galveston and beyond. Students tries to cram in as much fun as possible in that week off of school.

Then an extra week was “gifted” due to coronavirus concerns. Students rejoiced at more time for fun and friends. Then things started getting serious. No more trips. No more pool parties.

And to make it official a stay-at-home order in the county, and a curfew every night was order by the Montgomery County government starts today.

Students are learning their time away from school is not as much fun and exciting as it once week one. The time spent away from friends is taking a toll on some.

“I miss seeing my friends everyday and playing board games during lunch with everyone,” senior Angelika Infante said. 

Some students will go so far as to admit they even miss some of their teachers.

“I miss all my daily interactions with teachers and friends,” junior Jade Littlefield said. 

Without school, some students find themselves without a daily schedule. It hard to have a normal day when everything is so far away from normal.

“The most simple thing I miss about school is the structure it provides,” sophomore Brenan Mansker said. “It gives you something to focus all of your time and energy on. Without it combined with the isolating aspect of the coronavirus leads to boredom and lack of motivation to do anything.” 

The items that seem to be so common and every day are things that are most missed by students during these crazy times. Just having friends around and doing normal things are missed.

“I miss being able to eat fruit roll ups during first period and playing Minecraft, but I mostly miss seeing my friends during 5th and my coaches,” freshman Toby Mitchell said.