School still in session, just changed location


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

In a press conference today, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott closed schools until May 1st. The earliest schools will resume is May 4th.

by Hailey Alvarez, VOW staff

The governor announced today that all schools in Texas must be closed until May 1st. All school is now done at home because of COVID- 19. Students are having to get their assignments online from their teachers, but it will come as easy to some students as it will others, and  not all kids are really going to take this time to dedicate to their studies.

Students may not be going to school, but they should still be expected to do their job and turn in the work that their teachers assign to them. This isn’t spring or summer break, and it should not be treated it like that. They all still have a duty as a student to get their stuff turned in. 

Teachers should be able to trust that each student will do their work and get it turned in by the time it is due.”

— Hailey Alvarez

Students should use their time wisely. Make some kind of schedule to go by during the weekdays. Everyone needs to have a time that they need to wake up by and for each class. They could give themselves an hour or so to get their work done. Put the schedule somewhere in their room or on the refrigerator so that they will certainly see it. Going by a simple schedule will still leave time to relax and do what they want. It’s all about timing and making good use of the time available. 

This could be a good chance to test their responsibility. This will show their teachers that they know how to get their stuff done and turned in. This in a way prepares them for the future. They can use this as a way to also prove to themselves that they know how to get things done without having to be told many times. 

Also doing the work that their teachers give them while having this time away from school will help them be prepared for next school year. If students plan to not do their work, they will be way behind for next year because teachers will be moving on, expecting them to already know what they should have the year before. It wouldn’t be fair to the other students who have been doing their best getting their work done, only to have to slow their process for the students who don’t care. Best choice is just to get it done now.

Teachers should be able to trust that each student will do their work and get it turned in by the time it is due. If students are having trouble, reach out to teachers and other students in the classes. Use this time to your advantage and make the best of this time away from the school building. School is still in session, but it just looks a little different now.