iHeart radio concert hopes to provide inspiration, entertainment


photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood

On Sunday, March 29th, Fox presented a concert for America. more info can be found on https://www.iheart.com/

iHeart Radio is still keeping us entertained muscially with artists from all genres. The iHeart Living Room Concert presented by FOX  is a virtual concert of artists performing their hits or uplifting songs for all Americans. Elton John is the host for the network, which supports the Feeding America organization. The concert can be watched online or on FOX news channel. 

iHeart’s Living Room Concert has raised almost $8 million for COVID-19 relief with about 9 million TV viewers watching it. Even during distress people are still providing for the people who need it the most which is so incredible. 

“Our goal from the start was to ‘do good’ at a tough time in the world and we are able to do that because of the many amazing artists who participated,” FOX Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said on the website iheart.com. “Many thanks to everyone involved in the production of this special and everyone who gave generously to the wonderful charities.”

This production allows everyone to sit back and enjoy now with the artists that perform. Either from the comfort of their living room or the cozy of their bedrooms everyone is able to connect with music. Americans can feel relief as they watch their favorites reach out to them in musical harmony. 

“Here we are, all together,” host Elton John said on the iHeart website. “There’s a lot of grief, uncertainty and fear, but what’s going to keep us all together is all the goodness that’s happening in the world. All those doctors, nurses, and scientists on the frontlines. They’re living proof that most superheroes don’t wear capes.”

Celebrities from all over appear for words of encouragement. According to iHeartradio.com, artist Lizzo is hoping the music can bring people together. 

“As artists we’re able bring people together without physically being with people so I think right now we’re practicing physical social distancing, it’s important to remember that music brings people together,” she said. We can’t let this tear us apart. We have to come together as people. We can’t let this fear spread faster than the virus. We have to let love spread. 

Artists find light in the dark to inspire people to live on. Lady Gaga is looking for inspiration and she expressed on the iHeart website that she hopes her music will be inspiring for others. 

“I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy,” she said. “ I know what’s going on in the world right now is terrifying, but I also see inspiring stories of kindness around the world that are helping to calm everyone’s nerves during this scary time.

Connections are made when celebrities take the time to reach out to fans.

“We’re making the best of these tough times that we’re all going through,” Ciara said on the iHeart radio site. “We want to encourage everybody to keep their faith up and know where there is a storm, there’s a breakthrough on the other end.”