Online education struggle for some students


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

Online school is a struggle for some students who lack internet and technology at home.

Online classes are a great way to finish the year while the world is experiencing the coronavirus, but it’s not as easy for the students that have no internet access in their home. Those students may not have the same chances as the others who have internet at their homes.

Those students shouldn’t have their grade changed because it wouldn’t be a fair chance for them compared to others. If they don’t have internet, then they wouldn’t be able to sign in and that could make them get a zero. Not having the internet should not have a negative effect on their academics.

Usually people would go to a friend’s house if they need to access the internet and do what they need to. In this case because of the virus, no one is allowed to go to anyone’s house, so that won’t be able to help this time. The school said that they could go to the school and park in the parking lot and do work in the car, but some people may have parents not even want them to really leave the house. Some may not have a ride even if they could leave their house. Online school can be a good idea, but not to the ones that are at a disadvantage.

The main reason this wouldn’t be fair is because if they can’t do the work, they may get a zero depending on the type of classes that student takes. If they are a student that cares about their grades, and they have no internet, this wouldn’t be fair whatsoever because you never know how their family is taking this virus, and no one knows if they will allow their kid to leave. 

The school has made arrangements for students without internet access. Materials can be picked up if arrangements are made. If students are having problems, they need to reach out to their teachers, principal or counselor. The school knows that most students have internet, but there are some that don’t and that isn’t really their fault. No matter the circumstance, everyone has to come together to make it through this tough time.