Patience, flexibility keys to successful start of school


photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood

Patience and flexibility will be necessary as school starts. Every member of the Wildkat community needs to embrace these to ensure success.

by Charnell Haywood, VOW co-editor

Ring, Ring, Ring. School is in. Filled with new experiences and expectations, the 2020-2021 school year will be like no other. With remote-learning first and eventual on-campus learning, students are all aiming to complete their grade level successfully. When school officially starts next Wednesday, there will be two important qualities that all people will need.. This year patience and flexibility must go hand in hand.

It is very critical for all students, staff and parents to remember that this is an important time for everyone, but all of this is new ground. The major priority is for all to be safe while in the classroom and in other learning environments. Staff are working hard to make the transition smooth for the school year, so that means everyone must be patience and flexible to the new process. It may not come easily, but if a person can keep in mind patience with flexibility it will work out. 

Patience is essential during this time. Patience means to have self-restraint and to have composure during different or difficult situations. Patience is the key to go forward on whatever road a person is on. It is an ultimate tool that will be tested when least expected. 

To be flexible means to not break or get upset when something doesn’t go a certain way. Flexibility is to easily adapt when changes occur. No matter the person, flexibility must be focused on. No one will get anywhere without adapting to changes, especially the ones that are on the way. 

COVID-19 came when everyone least expected it. It has tested everyone in the world. The go-to is having patience during this time. So this school year and going forward patience will be an expectation for all. The virus has already pushed everyone to be flexible at their work whether they liked it or not. Most people don’t favor change, but must learn to adapt to it. During the course of the year flexible was shown throughout and must continue to be shown. 

With the community as a whole embracing patience and flexibility, it will be a successful year. A person cannot have one without the other. It is key for both aspects to be in-sync with each other. Think of it like a metaphorical handshake. Right now, physical handshakes are taboo, but this combination of patience and flexibility can make it possible for this to work. 

There will always be changes that no one can control so adapting to it and stretching to the limits can reduce stress. Change is just life, so having that handshake should allow anyone to move forward.