Biden will win by securing America’s hearts

Rosalyn Gutierrez

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photo or infographic by Biden for President

Joe Biden and Senator Harris in Wilmington, DE on August 12, 2020 at a grassroots fundraiser.

The United States of America has entered a critical moment for the nation. The 2020 Democratic National Convention ends tonight. The four day event will end with former Vice President Joe Biden accepting the Democratic nomination. The 2020 presidential election has commenced, and the candidates are ready to rumble.

It will be a tough fight to the polls for Biden and President Donald Trump, but it is evident that Joe Biden and vice president nominee Senator Kamala Harris have already secured America’s vote.

Persuading a single person to agree with another is a difficult feat. Persuading millions in the direction of Joe Biden should be impossible. Though the task presents itself as demanding, when it comes to an election, voters are ultimately going to weigh their options. On matters relevant to recent months up to now, President Donald Trump has proven to undermine the importance of any issue that does not correlate with his own self interests. But on those same issues such as the coronavirus pandemic Joe Biden has drawn up a detailed plan compiled by CNN that includes offering free testing, employing 100,000 people to handle contact tracing, and financial support for retaining and rehiring workers. These measures and the others would ease the struggle afflicting countless Americans. The current president’s/candidate’s negligence gives plenty incentive for citizens to cast their vote for Biden.

Biden’s choice in his running mate, Kamala Harris, displays his attentiveness and concern for the public’s voice. Specifically, it reflects his support of women holding high ranking positions in office and his support of the black community. Michelle Obama included in her speech for the Democratic National Convention that Biden would give his personal phone number to children experiencing hardships in order to encourage and uplift them and show them a light in the darkness which further serves as a demonstration of his compassionate character. Joe Biden will win people’s votes by winning their hearts.

Experience is a valuable attribute that measures the maturity and capabilities of a person. Joe Biden’s experience as vice president during Barack Obama’s presidential term aids in his ability to better understand and perform the role of being president. “When my husband left office with Joe Biden at his side we had a record breaking stretch of job creation, we’d secured the right to healthcare for twenty million people, we were respected around the world rallying our allies to confront climate change, and our leaders had worked hand in hand with scientist to help prevent an ebola outbreak from becoming a global pandemic,” were the reassuring words of Michelle Obama in her DNC speech, and all these accomplishments that Biden was involved in can be used as an example for his potential presidency. The coronavirus pandemic might hinder Biden’s chance of winning, but history shows the way American people rebel instead of conforming to reality. American grit plus their will power will surely see Joe Biden as the president for the next four years.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have an unmatchable lead over Trump which will evidently end with Biden as president. The only way for Joe Biden to reside in the oval office, though, is through votes, and every vote counts, so registered voters must show their support this year.