Block schedule changes pace, adds time to classes


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

TENTATIVE BELL SCHEDULE. The 2020-21 bell schedule showing the 8 periods.

by Reagan Bond, VOW staff

There is never enough time. As soon as the discussion in English class gets heated or the lab in Chemistry is kicking off, the bell rings and it is time to fight the crowds in the halls for another 40 minutes of learning. Rushing from bell to bell has become a regular routine for students. 

But when students return to class next week, a new schedule will be in effect. Students will attend four classes per day. On purple days students will attend first, third, fifth and seventh period classes. On white days second, fourth, sixth and eighth period classes will meet. Classes will be longer – over 90 minutes each day.

“The eight class period schedule will give us time to really focus and go over material instead of rushing through each lesson to beat the bell,” senior Lindsay Davenport said. “I also think it will lessen the amount of homework we have because we will have more time in class to get everything done.” 

With all the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic and delayed start to many extracurriculars, the new schedule is causing more stress to some students than comfort through these uncertain times. 

“I feel like adding another class period is definitely not what we needed to add on to this mess of a year,” senior Aubrey Russell said. “I think they should’ve waited until next year to throw in all of this new stuff.” 

The days will alternate purple and white. Some weeks will have three purple and two white, and then the next week, there will be three white and two purple. 

“I think the eight period days aren’t really as big of a deal as I thought they were going to be,” sophomore Blaine Eckert said. “I think the odd and even days are going to be a bit confusing with us not having the same classes every day.”

A calendar will be distributed and signs will hang on teachers’ doors letting students know if it is a purple or white day. Attending just four classes per day will change the pace of the day. It will also result in fewer class changes each day. 

“At first I was excited about the new change because I was able to fit what I needed in my schedule and also just because it was something new and a change of pace,”senior Kayla Lyons said.

The longer period is amplified by classes that meet every day. Boys athletics will meet 5th and 6th period each day. This will be more time to practice and more time to bond as a team. 

“I actually like athletics being 90 minutes,” senior Travis Lane said.  “Now me and my team will have more time to work on our friendship and chemistry so on the court we can be in sync with each other.”

More time in class will result in less time after school. 

“I like the new block schedule,” junior Brenan Mansker said. “I feel like double blocking athletics is a great thing. By allowing more practice time during the actual school day, it cuts down on time after school which leads to more time for homework, studying and jobs.”