Clubs make best of ‘uncertain’ start to school


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

CAMP SUCCESS. Members of the Sweetheart at the end of their summer camp. The dance camp took place but added safety measures to keep the dancers safe.

No camps. No practices. No gatherings. The traditional start to a school year for clubs and sports has been disrupted by COVID-19. Students who have been waiting for the new school year are yet again disappointed by having it altered and changed to fit the new normal. However, this does not mean they have not made the best of this chaotic and uncertain situation.

The cheer squad has been prepping for kickoff through social distanced camps and practices. Teaching new members routines and cheers, while trying to stay positive for everyone and make the most out of the situation.

“As a senior it has already been a wild ride,” senior Aubrey Russell said. “I’ve had mixed emotions, and I will admit I had my moments of being upset and negative about the way things are going. I just have to keep telling myself there’s nothing I can do about it, and it’s not going to make anything better by sitting around and being angry and frustrated.”

The Sweetheart drill team has been doing the same. By having practices outside of school and through weekly officer meetings, they have been doing what they can to have the same high energy performance in a low energy time. 

“I expect the team to come out stronger after all of this,” sophomore and Sweetheart officer Emily Fails said. “We’re all extremely grateful that we’re able to have the time together, so when we’re practicing we keep a positive attitude throughout.”

The school band has adapted to the situation by making their formation six feet apart. With the traditional band camp cancelled, they have been practicing on their own for the summer with only recently coming back together for in-person practices.

“It’s definitely interesting to see how everyone’s adapting to this entire situation,” junior band member Ian Conaster said. “To sum it up, we’re taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of each band member, while still doing our best to provide a fun and exciting marching band experience for everyone.”

Choir directors and members have been working hard to ensure that each member is prepared and ready for when they come back to school. The choir room has been transformed to ensure social distance by marking spots and requiring that each member wears a face shield and a mask.

“Our directors have been keeping in touch through Remind and updating us on any news and changes,” senior choir officer Savanna Holly said. “As an officer I have been doing my best to communicate with other officers and making a bond so we can all together be positive in this uncertain time.”