Mandatory mask policy gives students, staff opportunity for creativity while being safe


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

GETTING READY. Wearing colorful mask, members of the schools COVID Task Force, teacher Brandy King and nurse Hailey Dobraski, prepare the cafeteria for lunch when students return. Wearing mask is just one of many safety precautions in place for when students return on Tuesday,

Masks with college logos. Masks adorned with flowers. Paper mask. Fabric masks. Masks that tie. Masks with just elastic. 

When students return to school on Tuesday, masks will be mandatory, and there will be so many types of masks in the halls to see. The purchase of masks became a necessity for back to school, but students have a lot of freedom when it comes to what kind of mask to wear. 

“I feel that the state should have put this order in place a long time ago and that they have every right to mandate us as Texas Citizens to wear a mask in public,” junior Esabella Garcia said.

The new way of life is to wear a mask in public due to COVID-19. From children to adults, the struggles are real trying to find the right mask that is suitable for each size. It is not hard to find a mask to purchase. 

MASKED AND READY. At the first meeting of the marching season, sophomore Christa Sawyer wears a cloth mask. Students have the freedom to find the mask that fits them the best. (photo or infographic by Emily Meachen)

“You can find masks from almost any pharmacy store like Walgreens and CVS,” sophomore Rylee Neuman said. 

Each individual has a preference on how they want their mask to fit. 

“I prefer an adjustable mask that does not move around when I talk,” senior GianReo Mire said. “A double layer cotton mask is the most comfortable.”

The feeling of claustrophobia is common when wearing a mask for a long period of time. Other students have grown accustomed to wearing masks. 

“I don’t get why people are complaining about wearing a mask,” sophomore Rohan Patel, “I think it’s good to wear masks in public.”

The new trend is to make your own mask to express your personality in fabric and designs. Logos of college teams and inspiring phrases are common adornments to the basic mask. 

“If I were to design my own mask, I would have it symbolize my strengths like helping people by listening and giving advice,” freshman Abel Rogers said.