School song, colors represent body of community


photo or infographic by Charnell Haywood

STAND FOR OUR COLORS. The words of the school song are more than words. The are inspirational and meaningful to all Wildkats.

Stand for our colors,

Stand for our school.

Purple for Valor,

White is for our rule.

We pledge our loyalty,

Willis to you.

Hail to the school we love,

Hold your banner high

Fight Willis,

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Wildkats never die!

The words are song so often, some don’t really think about what they mean. Like the hues of purple that fill the stands or gym, the school song is not something really think about.  But after taking a little time to analyze the lyrics, the words are so much more than words and the colors are great symbols of the school.

Stand for our colors, means stand up when the football team runs through the tunnel unto the field, or when the next player to bat comes unto the baseball field, when the volleyball team spikes, when a player makes a goal for the soccer team, or when the ball flashes into the realm in the basketball game. Like when students pledge allegiance to the flag, stand when team members come out with their jerseys on. 

Stand for our school means, to stand up when a sport teams enter into their sports environment, or when they make a goal or accomplish something in the sports they’re participating in. 

White is for our rule means the school color white stands for control and leadership. 

We pledge our loyalty Willis to you means every member will be loyal to the Wildkats, come to every game and show support. 

Hail to the school we love means the community has honor and is honored to watch the games or meets. It means the school will be recognized.  The community loves our school and what it represents. 

Hold your banner high means be proud to be a Wildkat. Show there is no shame to the game. It means Willis Wildkats are great, and of importance.

Fight Willis, fight, fight, fight means that no matter what, everyone must continue to keep going despite some failures along the way. It means to keep pushing, moving forward and working hard. No game will ever be an easy win. 

Wildkats never die means once a Wildkat, always a Wildkat. Once a person goes through the school system for Willis, there will always have that touch of purple in them.

The school colors and song are important because it is a signature to the school, along with the mascot. It is how we are recognized. Not only is it important to wear the school’s colors, but they show the characteristics of the Wildkats. The school song is a perfect motto for what the colors symbolize. Each color stands for something and shows traits of all the schools.

Purple, white, black and often grey are the school colors that is flaunted across the community. The color purple is often associated with royalty, wealth and ambition. It represents wisdom, dignity, creativity and pride. White is associated with goodness, light, faith and considered the color of perfection. Black is associated with power, strength, sophistication, and with others colors creates a depth. Grey is a neutral color and is the color of comprise with black and white. 

Whether a person wears purple, white or black or even wears the words ‘Willis Wildkat’ imprinted on a shirt, they are showing their pride for the school. Purple is pride. Every game, no matter the sport, the fans will show their support by wearing a Wildkat shirt of the franchise.

So wear purple, black, white or grey. Wear the Willis Wildkats proudly. Sing the song linking pinkies with a fellow Wildkat. Be proud of the school. Go to the game and show support. It is always a proud moment to be a Wildkat.