Time to offer helping hand to those devastated by Laura


photo or infographic by Katherine Lee

THE TIME IS NOW. South Louisiana and East Texas is rebuilding after the devastataion of Hurricane Laura left millions without power. There are simple ways everyone can help.

by Katherine Lee, VOW editor

Looking out off the Calcasieu River Bridge, blue tarp can be seen covering hundreds of houses. Thousands of trees laying on top of parked cars, roofs and roads. Large glass office buildings that are now boarded up. The city is dark. What was once the lively city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, now sits in silence as the city fights quietly after the devastation of Hurricane Laura.

Louisiana and East Texas need all the help they can get to recover from the natural disaster of Hurricane Laura.

With a world where information is at our fingertips, the effects of Hurricane Laura are not being covered in the news and on any social media platforms as it should be. This hurricane was a category 4 and has left over 140,000 people without power across East Texas and Louisiana still to this day. 4,900 homes are completely destroyed. There are 22,500 people living in shelters, whether that be hotels or emergency lodging. Now, two weeks later, over 50,000 people are still left with no power. 

The magnitude of Hurricane Laura broke records and mixed with the uncertainty of a pandemic, it caused an even more personal devastation to the people living in East Texas and Louisiana. During the pandemic lock down, many families lost their jobs and main source of income and with the recent hurricane, and they have now lost their homes and power. So now more than ever, these families need all the help they can get to overcome this devastation caused to their hometowns. 

Different organizations have been helping cities across East Texas and Louisiana and have set up ways that anyone can help with the disaster relief. There are so many ways to help. These are the people who send The Cajun Navy to Houston and East Texas every time there is a disaster here. It is time they get some help. Contact one of the organizations listed below or find another way to assist. 

  • Redcross.org or call 800-RED-CROSS or text the word LAURA to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
  • Gofundme.org has started a Hurricane Relief Fund
  • http://houstontx.gov/laura-fund.html