All students can now start day with free breakfast


photo or infographic by WISD

FREE BREAKFAST FOR ALL. Starting this week, all high school students can grab a free breakfast every day.

The old saying says breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Starting this week, breakfast is now free for all high school students. 

The change was announced by the Child Nutrition Department. The meals are funded by the school breakfast program. 

 “The funding is not different from the normal School Breakfast Program funding,” Child Nutrition supervisor Bry Lashbrook said. “We have just qualified with enough free and reduced student percentages to qualify.” 

 One of the best things about free breakfasts for students is that everyone now has an opportunity to finally start their day off with a meal.

“I think that free breakfast will aid those in need, because they can eat without worrying if they have enough money for lunch and will most likely eat breakfast more often,” junior Rilynn Tomas said.

Breakfast is essential for a great day of productivity, and if that is available for free more and more people will have more productivity throughout the day causing better grades and more participation. 

“I don’t eat breakfast in the cafeteria often, but now since there will be no fee I do see myself eating breakfast there more than usual, sophomore Jaycie Morris said. “I do see a difference in my work on days I do eat breakfast rather than days I don’t.”

Increased numbers of students eating breakfast could lead to a busier morning in the cafeteria.

“The only downside I see coming from this is that the cafeteria will be more crowded than normal in the mornings, leaving less room to sit,” freshman Stone Chapman said.

The policy should lead to better mornings for many students. 

“I think having a free breakfast is definitely going to change the way a lot of kids start their day, and it will for sure give a positive impact as well,” senior Gilbert Barcenas said.

The cafeteria on all campuses in WISD served an average of 3300 breakfasts daily before COVID and remote learning. They are currently serving breakfast to about 1400 students. According to Lashbrook, the free breakfast policy will last indefinitely. 

“I feel like the main advantage of this program is offering free breakfasts to students that may not have the chance to eat before heading to school,” Lashbrook said. “Offering it for free helps us reach students that may have been dissuaded from picking up a meal due to price.”