NEW TO WATCH: ‘Tenet’, ‘Enola Holmes’ perplex, entertain viewers


photo or infographic by courtesy photos

NEW TO WATCH. Tenet and Enola Holmes both add a little of the extraordinary to the movie world.

On the verge of a third world war, the Protagonist (John David Washington) is fighting against an unthinkable weapon, but there’s one word that will open any door for him…Tenet. Christopher Nolan has created a masterpiece that will immerse viewers into his doomsday world and make them use their minds to wrap their heads around the story. With the help of his partner Neil (Robert Pattinson), the Protagonist is working against time, or more like working through time to stop the selfish businessman Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh) from destroying everything they know. The PG 13 film has mixed reviews, from audience members walking out mid-show versus them coming back to theatres to see it more than once. A movie like this is not for people who just want to sit and watch a simple show. This film is more for viewers that have an acquired taste in intertwined plots and are prepared to be a little confused at the beginning of the show. It’s worth the confusion though, because once audience members understand this world’s concept of time and how the story is more circular than linear, there’s a satisfying end to be witnessed. 

If moviegoers are still uncomfortable going to theatres, “Enola Holmes” is a great choice to watch at home. The new Netflix picture stars Millie Bobby Brown as a young Enola Holmes with Helena Bonham Carter as her mother and Henry Cavill and Sam Calflin as her brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft. A film that breaks the fourth wall, Enola is on a journey not only to find her missing mother, but to find her place in the world. This PG-13 movie promotes being yourself rather than being what the world wants you to be has been well received by both audiences and critics alike. Young Enola, not liking the path that her brother Mycroft has laid before her after her mother’s disappearance, sets off on a daring adventure and puts her brilliant mind to use to understand clues and uncover the mystery of not one, but two cases of a missing person.