Are you bored yet with old tunes?

Wallows bring 80’s vibe to the music scene


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THESE DAYS. The new alternative music group, Wallows has an exciting lineup of music including their song “These Days.” With several singles, an album, and an EP on the way, the group has released a lot of new songs within the past year.

New in the Alternative Music world is the indie rock band, Wallows.  They have released two new songs within the past month and the rest of their EP is coming out on October 23rd. 

“13 Reasons Why” actor Dylan Minnette is part of the band along with Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston. The group already has one album called “Nothing Really Happens” and several singles. They also have worked with the new famous artist Clairo on one of their hit songs “Are You Bored Yet?” Their songs are also similar to singer/songwriter Conan Gray

The music that the band plays is influenced by the 80’s with bits of post-punk and synth pop. In Apple Music’s review, they said that the Wallows are a “more down-to-earth contemporary bedroom pop.” The Los Angeles-based group is very well rounded and some of their fan favorites consist of “Are you Bored Yet?”, “Scrawny”, “These Days” and “Remember When.”  Their songs talk about life as a teenager and what life is like for them in the current social setting. 

Music has been around for a long time. There are so many different kinds of music and so many different sub groups but at the same time, music can be repetitive. The Wallows’ offers something fresh and new to the music industry and their songs are very versatile. From hyping listeners up in the morning to chilling them out on the car ride home, songs like “Picture,” and Sidelines,” are fitting for any mood. They have already released two songs from EP “Remote” called “Virtual Aerobics” and “Nobody Gets Me”