Crewmates, imposters fill their time ‘Among Us’


photo or infographic by Katherine Lee

VICTORY. After the imposter is voted out, a screen proclaiming victory is shared with the crewmates who survived the mission.

Dead body reported. 

“Ahh he came out of the vent and killed green.”

“Red Sus.” 

“Where was the body?”

“Yellow…safe…I was with him the whole time” 

“Among Us” has been out since 2018, but has skyrocketed in users because of the popular streaming platform, Twitch. With millions of users all across the globe clocking in every day, ‘Among Us’ has taken over the world, one reported body at a time.

“I got into playing ‘Among Us’ because of some famous streamers on Twitch,” junior Vincent Diaz said. “It seemed very fun so I decided to try it out.” 

The game brings the opportunity to play with those around the world or to play with your friends by just a simple code. Most students prefer to play with their friends as they can accuse and report people they know. 

“My favorite thing about ‘Among Us’ is making my friends angry,” senior Brayden Kurtz said. 

The imposter has the ability to go through vents and sabotage the players as the crewmates attempt to finish their tasks before they are wiped out. 

EVERYBODY IS SUS. In the Waiting Room before the game starts, players wait for their opponents to join the game.

“I love being an imposter because going through the vents is fun,” junior Misael DelosReyes 

“Among Us”  is an exciting and suspenseful game with countless people who enjoy playing because it’s a way to spend time with their friends in person and online.

“I play ‘Among Us’  because I didn’t want to sit at the end of the class,” sophomore Brooks Cesan said. “ I would rather spend my time enjoying a game with people I know.” 

The game takes a turn when a dead body is reported or an emergency meeting is called. The crewmates and disguised imposter(s) discuss who they suspect is the one to blame. By using the now more popular term, “sus,” the colorful austronaut characters accuse their teammates of murder.

“I like to be a crewate because I love to call people sus,” senior GianReo Mire said.