Blackpink deserves respect of kpop community, music fans worldwide

Since their debut in 2016, the group has proven to be the standards for this generation.


photo or infographic by courtesy photo

RECORD BREAKERS. Their first music video Boombayah is the most viewed debut song of all kpop groups, currently standing at a billion views.

by Emelly Melendez, VOW staff

Blackpink, a Korean girl group made up of four girls Lisa, Jennie, Rose and Jisso, have been ranking numbers on music charts since their debut in 2016. They have become an international sensation. 

Blackpink is the standard for girl groups in this generation.

Their music videos have accumulated hundreds of millions of views in a short amount of time. Their first music video Boombayah is the most viewed debut song of all kpop groups, currently standing at a billion views. The debut stage of Boombayah has 72 million views, and the dance practice has 200 million. Their songs, live performances, and dance performances have reached an unrealistic amount of views. This led to the girls performing at coachella. 

Their albums have sold millions of copies worldwide. Their first album square one dominated the charts and got number one in 16 days becoming the fastest album to reach number one in such a short amount of time by a korean group. This led to them winning their first awards for their songs “whistle” and “boombayah” and many more throughout the years.


Though their music and stage performances are good they also have multiple fans because of who they are as a person. Many people follow and keep up with Blackpink by watching their offstage content. They always keep their fans entertained by going on live streams , posting on their individual social platforms and being featured in Korean variety shows. 

People may argue that they don’t deserve their global fame, that they are not real kpop or even that other girl groups like their competitors, TWICE, another phenomena korean girl group, are better. Blackpink carries a stereotype of being too “westernized” or not being “Korean” enough but Blackpink is kpop. They sing in korean and originated and trained there. The K in kpop stands for Korean and nothing more than simply the music being in the Korean language. Many anti-blackpink fans comment on the laziness of their dancing or their lack of music. All the members trained 12 hours a day for four to six years straight. Calling them lazy after all the years of training and hard work they each put into debution is just unfair. Their albums normally only feature a few songs that make fans and anti fans mad or upset this is simply not their fault but the companies. The girls have spoken up about wanting to put out or even write more music but, their company YG has not given them any chances to. TWICE is another big Korean girl group who are alway being argued to be bigger or better. Though everyone says this  with their own reasons, the members of TWICE and Blackpink are actually both friends and have shown their happiness for each other’s success. 

Blackpink have become the most successful girl group in the world. They should be respected for their hard work and not be bashed by people who want their favorites to be on top.