Shooting for Success


by Piper Neumann, VOW sports editor

Dribbling down the court to make the layup. He jumps and dunks the ball. Boys basketball tryouts are next week and the season is just around the corner. 

Being encouraging to the new comers will help the team stand out this season. 

“I have been welcoming in the freshman by cheering them on, even when they aren’t doing as well,” junior Jacob Simms said.

The start of the season is beginning a little rocky with two of the varsity returners in quarantine.

“It sucks knowing you’re stuck at home while everyone is building chemistry,” senior Bay Hutchins said. “I try to positively and be grateful this is not during district.”

The expectation is to always work hard and give 100 percent.

“My expectations for the team are for us to come into practice and work hard,” senior Travis Lane said.

The team is coming together this season.

“We are experiencing the ability to work together and learn how to be the best we can be,” junior Jamarcus Johnson said.

Even the players in quarantine are continuing their hard work.

“I am staying in shape by doing workouts that coach Storms sends me,” Hutchins said. “I also do as much running and ball handling as possible.”

Being kind is always important for teammates.

“I bring friendliness to the team while working hard,” Johnson said.

Overall the team wants a memorable season.

“I want a season that I will look back on in 50 years and remember everything,” Lane said.