First time voters cast ballots in 2020 race for White House

Experience positive for student voters


photo or infographic by Johnny Zumarraga

TODAY IS THE DAY TO VOTE. Voting can always make a difference for you.

by Charnell Haywood, VOW co-editor

A line; all waiting to cast their vote for their country. Voters first meet a woman who tells them to silence their phones. Then they go to a table to check identification, get a code and sign a signature. They can choose any voting booth. Quick and easy. Done. A simple response to the questions will determine the fate of the country. No pressure.

The 2020 Election has been quite a ride for both parties. For seniors who are voting for the first time, the experience lived up to all the hype.

“My experience voting for the first time was really cool because as I walked in everyone started cheering,” senior Emilee Buhl said. “The people there were a lot older than me, and it was more elderly people volunteering and helping out. My family inspires me who I vote for because I grew learning from them and what their views are.”

For some seniors their 18th birthday came around just in time to vote. Others will have to wait, but still acknowledge and be aware of what’s happening in society. 

“I voted because I just turned 18,” senior Bay Hutchins said. “I expected it to be a lot more complicated than it actually was. Everyone cheered in the room cheered for me when they announced I was a first time voter. I was influenced by all the media promoting how important it is to vote.”

Either being influenced by family or friends, everyone needs to find their voice. Every vote matters. 

“It’s something everyone should do,” senior Kara Lambert said. “Once I left I felt as if I had done what I needed to do for my country and city, but honestly it was pretty quick. My parents taught me from a young age that voting is your voice, and it’s the right given to you and you should use it to stand for what you believe in.”

The process was nerve racking at first, but voters know that it is important to exercise their right as citizens to vote. 

“Personally, it was really nerve racking because I have never done something like that before and it felt like I had so much pressure on me from the people around me,” senior Emily Kilgo said. “Once I actually got to the voting stand it was a piece of cake. I’m glad I got to experience it since this election has been a huge one for us.” 

Voting gives young adults the experience of stepping in the real world. It is an action to make a difference.

“It was all very serious and more intense than I imagined, but the actual voting was not,” senior Stephanie Orozco said. “Voting is important because as young adults we are beginning to step into the real world. Voting is one of our biggest chances to make a difference. It is one of our only says in what goes on in our government. Knowing that I was able to be a part of that experience makes me proud.”