Culinary students hone skills from dinner to desserts


photo or infographic by Piper Neumann

YUM. Junior Fantasia Lawrence scoops cookies onto the sheet in an advanced cullinary class.

“Pass the salt!”

The advanced culinary students are working to better their cooking skills and knowledge. They cook everyday from desserts to entrees, perfecting their recipes.

The first step of cooking the kitchen is making sure people are properly following instructions, so they know what they’re doing.

“Our chef always has it student led after demonstrating and safely showing us how to complete the meals,” junior Fantasia Lawrence said.

The class is double blocked so the students get extra time to learn different skills. 

“In this class, we cook extravagant foods and we have a lot of fun,” senior Alexander Champlin said.

The best part of the class, of course, is the end result of whatever was made.

“We all love to eat what we cook,” senior Roberto Conejo said.

The advanced classes are preparing the chefs for their future work in the kitchen.

“I would like to be a chef and go onto culinary school,” Champlin said. “This is good practice for me to learn all that I can.”

There is a big difference between the advanced classes and the introduction classes.

“In the intro classes you learn everything you need to know before you start cooking and maybe cook a little bit, but the advanced class you get to learn different things while cooking,” junior Abigail Mcnew said.

Stir-fry was a great learning experience for the young chefs.

“Stir fry and fried rice was a good recipe to make because we had to incorporate many different methods of cooking,” Champlin said.

Ultimately, the students are excited to learn different techniques to improve their overall skills.

“My favorite part of taking this course is the learning we get to experience and how we get to try it on our own to better understand what needs to be incorporated into the recipes,” Lawrence said.