Students perk up with new coffee choice from cafeteria


photo or infographic by Emily Meachen

EVERY DAY IS COFFEE DAY. Taking advantage of the iced coffee, a students grabs his drink before class.

Some students have a casual relationship with coffee. They occasionally gift themselves a nice Starbucks treat or drive through McDonald’s for a frappe. 

Then there are the other students who claim they need coffee like the air they breathe. They need this essential gift from heaven to get things done.

Starting the first week in November, students are able to buy an iced coffee from the cafeteria.

Since the school is not allowed to add sugar for health reasons they replace it with a sugar alternative. Maybe adding some extra sweeteners or condiments would help add variety.

“The coffee is not as sweet as McDonalds or Starbucks, but it is drinkable,” sophomore Omar Acevedo said.

As much as the students like the coffee provided, some students feel that providing whipped cream and introducing new flavors would make the coffee even better.

“I’m not a coffee drinker, but it’s pretty good for school coffee,” freshman Emma Barber said. “They could make it better by adding different flavors and whipped cream though.”

Now that coffee is on the menu, students are hoping for more.

“I think they could add hot cocoa to the Kat Cuisine,” Barber said.

Since many of the students on campus don’t have a job, the cafe does a good job keeping the price relatively low and affordable. This aspect adds to the love of this new option for students.

“I like that the coffee is cheap,” freshman Marina Wilson said.

 Overall, the iced coffee just makes a student’s day brighter. 

“I love it,” sophomore Gracie Havard said. “Before they opened it, I lived the entire day without coffee. The caffeine helps me get things done.”